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March 01 2019

Salt Water invites you to wade into the ocean and be ready for your next adventure. See our selection of Salt Water Sandals here

1 + IN THE FAMILY Spring Collection

February 27 2019

1+ In the Family is a Spanish brand designed by Gemma Mases who was inspired to create her first baby collection by the birth of her baby niece. 1+ In the Family design minimalist pieces that are driven by practicality and comfort. Explore our selection of the new 2019 Spring collection here


February 21 2019

Binu Binu is a Toronto-based soap company inspired by the daily ritual of the Korean public bath; a communal space free of inhibition or vanity. Using 100% natural botanical ingredients and a base of 'boricha' - a Korean roasted barley tea - in every batch, these soaps are cold pressed by hand in small batches to retain all the skin benefits of natural oils. Explore our selection of Binu Binu soaps here


February 18 2019

Hartô Paris is a furniture editor, bringing to life unique pieces from the minds of European designers and curating a collection of modern quality for the home. Explore our selection of Hartô furniture here


February 14 2019


Hides In Hand is proud to be one of the last remaining leather manufacturers in the traditional 'leather region' of Halton Hills in Ontario. Using high quality, locally sourced leather, they are committed to producing traditional moccasins while also working to preserve Canada's natural beauty. Explore our selection of moccasins here

FERM LIVING Home Collection

February 05 2019

Ferm Living is a home collection from Copenhagen, designing avant-garde products that are both eco and stylish. See our selection here

MOUMOUT Spring 2019 Collection

January 31 2019

Moumout is a homewear brand, designed in Paris and produced by hand at a family run business in Portugal. Moumout products focus on quality, softness, durability, practicality and style. Explore our selection here


NELLYSTELLA Spring 2019 Collection

January 16 2019

NELLYSTELLA Spring 2019 collection takes a modern turn by introducing fresh and original approaches to everyday children’s wear. With a blend of upscale European tradition mixed with a dollop of playful charm. Discover the collection here.

BOBO CHOSES To Make a Garden

January 10 2019

BOBO CHOSES Spring/ Summer 2019 Collection SNEAK PREVIEW.  The collection, To Make a Garden, finds inspiration in the story of a family that travels around the world planting gardens to make the bees happy. After all, looking after the bees means looking after ourselves. The best way to do it is by planting a garden. To Make a Garden launches on January 17, 2019.


STELLA MCCARTNEY Spring 2019 Collection

January 09 2019

Still Mc Cartney's healthy eating inspired new collection. Bold colours, graphic prints and loads of veggies. Discover the new collection here.


TANE ORGANICS Winter Collection

January 08 2019

Tane Organics is a luxury designer clothier for infant and baby using organic cotton and natural fibres.  Discover our selection here.


December 18 2018