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Vintage Alice In Wonderland Print Queen Of Hearts

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Acquired over many years with care and delight, Vintage by Advice from a Caterpillar is an ode to times past. Each piece reflects the enduring whimsy and beauty that embrace us in our homes and families, and remind us that quality heirloom objects are treasures to keep for a lifetime.

  • Engraving from p113 of Alice in Wonderland
  • Full colour, genuine antique engraving, signed A.W.
  • The scene features Alice meeting the Queen of Hearts, with the caption: " 'And who are these?' asked the Queen, pointing to the three gardeners."
  • Excellent condition; packaging from antique store is London unopened

Dimensions: 30 cm x 24 cm

Each piece in the Vintage by Advice from a Caterpillar collection is sold in its current condition. There may be signs of prior use or wear that is natural with any antique; this is part of its beauty and soul. We therefore do not accept price negotiations as we have priced each item as fairly as we can, taking into account its condition and legacy.