Play & Go Toy Storage Bag Red

$60.00 CAD

Play & Go is a creative Belgian company that is committed to encouraging kids to enjoy creative and imaginative play anytime, anywhere - while also keeping mess and stress at a minimum for parents. If you're tired of living in a toy jungle, the Play&Go bag is the solution! 

The Play & Go X OMY Toy Storage Bag in Red is an ingenious solution for easy play and storage - simply open up the drawstring to access toys and use as a play mat, and then throw everything inside and pull the string to tidy everything away again. Made from sturdy cotton canvas, the bag is perfect for keeping the living room tidy as well as taking toys on the go to the park or on a visit to the grandparents. This bag features a bold red body with a cream trim.

100% Cotton Canvas

Dimensions: 140cm Diameter

Machine wash at 30˚C. Do not tumble dry.

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