Omy Colouring Poster Pyramid

$18.00 CAD

Behind OMY are two graphic artists and illustrators, Elvire Laurent and Marie-Cerise Lichtlé, who both graduated from the Arts-Déco of Paris. After creating their own graphic arts studio in 2005, they combined their enthusiasm and experience to form OMY Design & Play, a line of cheerful graphic products that encourage creativity in the whole family.

This OMY Colouring Poster Pyramid will give your kids hours of enjoyment colouring, not to mention lots of fun discovering all the quirky Eqyptian characters amid the amazing pyramid illustrations. Contains 1 large paper poster that can be framed on completion and is adaptable to several locations; it can be a tablecloth, wallpaper, a mat and more.

Dimensions: 115cm x 80cm

Printed on recycled paper.


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