Moulin Roty Augustin Bird Doll

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Moulin Roty was established in 1972 in a French village of the same name and today offers characters and toys in extensive collections of toys and décor items. 

The Moulin Roty Augustin Bird Doll is a plush bird toy named Augustin who is a musical magician! He wears a lively outfit made of many different fabrics, and is a cuddly companion who can travel around everywhere. Augustin is part of the Moulin Roty 'Les Broc et Rolls' Collection.

Suitable for newborns

Dimensions: 15 x 12 x 27 cm

Materials: Cotton, Polyester, Elastane, Polyamid, and Viscose

Machine wash at 30˚C on wool cycle. Do not tumble dry.

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