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Morihata - Back to Blue

$65.00 CAD

Established in 2005, Morihata International is dedicated to finding the highest quality Japanese luxury products and making them available to the global market. They share traditional and contemporary Japanese aesthetics through a highly curated collection of products for the home, kitchen, office and bath. The quality of their products comes from the superior craftsmanship, timeless design and tactile sensibility of their materials.

Morihata's "Back to Blue" book is a developing story of the salmon fry who is born without knowing his parents. Page by page we see young salmon grow in different kinds of water, meeting other sea creatures and always swimming northbound in search of something. At last, they return to the pool where they were born. And then…

Language: French and Japanese, includes an English-language insert

38 Pages

Dimensions: H 24.8cm x W 19cm

Tokyo, Japan 

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