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Loopy Mango Three Musketeers Interchangeable Needle Set

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Loopy Mango is a Knitwear company based out of New York. The soft and warm yarn used is called Big Loop; 2-inch thick yarn hand crafted by local artisans and made with 100% merino wool from Key Largo, Florida.

The Loopy Mango Three Musketeers Interchangeable Needle Set is a set with nine different combinations of needles and cords, good for use with all projects using Loopy Mango Merino No. 5. The needles are colour coded and size stamped so that you can always keep track of them.

Includes Loopy Mango pouch.

Yellow Needles: US15 (10 mm), 20" (50 cm)

Turquoise Needles: US17 (12 mm), 24" (60 cm)

Pink Needles: US19 (15 mm), 32" (80 cm)