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Kickboard Sprite Two-Wheel Scooter Aluminium

$160.00 CAD

Micro Scooter is a Swiss company, founded in 1996, dedicated to producing various products related to mobility. 

The Kickboard Sprite Two-Wheel Scooter in Aluminium is a classic 2-wheeled scooter that is suitable for children of 5 years all the way to adults. The handlebars can be adjusted from 65-95cm to grow with your child. The steering column and deck are made for stability and durability with 33% thicker than industry standard aluminium. The Micro Sprite scooter is also made of over 90% aluminium to make it light and easy to transport with its patented folding mechanism. The wheels are extra thick with dirt and rust protection to last longer, and the scooter has a handy kickstand to make parking easier.

Colour: Aluminium

Suitable for ages 5 years and up

Max load: 100kg


Adjustable handlebar: H 64cm - 93cm
Deck: 50cm x 10cm

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