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D.A.R. Projects Handmade Calcite Oval Planter With Ceramic Base

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D.A.R. Projects blends smart design practices with social innovation, to offer desirable objects for conscious minds. Based in Northern Perú, their design studio works hand-in-hand with artisans to translate heritage, techniques and materials into high quality design objects. 

  • Contemporary planter with separate drainage base
  • Carved by hand from naturally forming calcite rock that washes across the ocean floor to communities of Northern Perú
  • Vertically arranged pores in the material provide a natural system of drainage and airflow, supplying the plant with optimal moisture without overwatering
  • Winner of the jurors choice at the Design Toronto Festival 2017

Dimensions: 15cm x 10cm x 10cm

How to water the Planter:
Place the ocean rock (without base) in a tub of water and fill to just below the top edge of the planter/dirt. Allow to soak for 15 minutes as water permeates the porous walls of the organic material. Remove, allowing to dry on a water-resistant surface, and then return it to a sunny spot.