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Ed Smith started asking an interesting question; why do we choose to cook the things we do, when we do? Most often the deciding factor is what we feel like eating - our cravings - influenced as they are by mood, season, weather, memory, occasion, outside events and internal feelings. But most recipe books are organised by season, key ingredient, meal type or occasion, so how do we find the recipes that will truly hit the spot? His response is this book - over 100 recipes organised into six carefully conceived flavour profiles: Fresh and Fragrant, Chili and Heat, Tart and Sour, Curried and Spiced, Rich and Savory; and Cheesy and Creamy. Including a wide range of delicious recipes for snacks, sides, mains and desserts, there's even an extra directory of alternative cravings at the back, providing additional ways to interpret our core instincts and identify the best recipe for the moment.

Written by Ed Smith

Published by Quadrille


256 Pages

Dimensions: 18 cm x 3 cm x 26.5 cm