Bruder Fire Engine With Water Pump

$145.00 CAD

Bruder ranks among today's top manufacturers of toy plastic vehicles in Europe. Their philosophy is that playing with toys is not an end in and of itself, but is rather a way to help children experience the world as they learn and grow. As a result, Bruder products are crafted to be incredibly lifelike and durable, just like the real vehicles they resemble!

The Bruder Fire Engine imitates all the essential aspects of a real life fire engine. The truck features a fully functioning water pump and hose that can be coiled up and used to spray water from the internal water tank. The wing mirrors of the driver's cab can be folded out and the turntable ladder with rescue basket can be moved out by a handwheel and adjusted in height to make daring rescues. Four outriggers ensure stability. This model also has four light and sound functions: horn, engine noise, siren and flashing light.

Dimensions:  47cm x 17.5cm x 24cm

Colour:  Red

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