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Astier De Villatte Candle Marienbad

$90.00 CAD

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The Astier de Villatte scented candle collection, brainchild of the groundbreaking collaboration between visionary designers and a star of the perfume world, found immediate international success. This achievement was due to the refined know-how and systematic research for the finest ingredients involved: wax, perfume and glass.

Alight with the essence of familiar city scents, these all-natural, hand-poured candles capture the joie de vivre of your favourite places. From the smooth and sultry tones of island paradises awash in ocean breezes to the smoky-sweet wood tones that pepper the interiors of richly built European landmarks, these home accents conjure up cherished memories while fostering new ones.

The Astier de Villatte Candle - Marienbad.

Mythical health spa with baroque architecture, where under the rococo arcades of Franz Kafka's favourite baths with their seven mineral springs, floats the fragrant aroma of green tea, cardamon and nutmeg infusions. The healing waters exude mist from the warm and humid stones, perfumed with sandalwood and white musk.

Pure, natural vegetable wax, free of paraffin, GMOs, and petrochemical byproducts; handblown glass container


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