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FunFam Bamboo Soup Set

$28.00 CAD

FunFam was founded by moms who had babies with serious allergies and wanted to accommodate their needs and allow them to "grow and thrive like bamboo trees". A line of bamboo crockery and utensils was the solution, designed by moms and handcrafted in Japan from the finest bamboo, which is naturally antibacterial. 

The FunFam Bamboo Soup Set is a simple bowl and spoon set that is both functional and beautiful. Handmade from bamboo, the bowl and spoon are perfect for soup, of course, but are perfect to use for many other meals like oatmeal, ice cream and many more. The set also includes a bamboo mess tray. Made in Japan.

100% Bamboo

Not microwave or dishwasher safe. The natural bamboo may stain over time to create its own special patina. 

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