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FunFam Bamboo Sectional Plate

$45.00 CAD

FunFam was founded by moms who had babies with serious allergies and wanted to accommodate their needs and allow them to "grow and thrive like bamboo trees". A line of bamboo crockery and utensils was the solution, designed by moms and handcrafted in Japan from the finest bamboo, which is naturally antibacterial. 

The FunFam Bamboo Sectional Plate is a beautiful way to help teach your child how to eat a balanced meal. The plate, handmade from bamboo, is divided into four sections, indicated by a small symbol: rice (carbohydrate), vegetables (vitamins and minerals), fish/meat (protein) and dessert (sweet treat!). Made in Japan.

100% Bamboo

Dimensions: D 23cm x 2cm

Not microwave or dishwasher safe. The natural bamboo may stain over time to create its own special patina. 

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