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Bobo Choses Women's Seashell Wrap Blouse Cream

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Bobo Choses was created in 2008 to create a friendly clothing brand that could speak to children in their own language. They celebrate being kids stuck inside adults; acting seriously funny and caring for the world and everything that is part of it.

Living in a Shell. We are sensitive, caring and shy. We are not made for the spotlight, but shine under a different light. We are quiet because we are peaceful. Our eyes meet everyone else’s. We like making everyone around us comfortable. We enjoy our ears, so we listen more than we talk. We like to dress up in costumes and wear masks. We prefer the sea over the city. We make the world a gentler place. We live inside our shell. Our shyness is a character trait, not a flaw.

  • All-over black seashell print
  • Kimono style wrap shirt with self ties
  • Wide short sleeves

70% Lyocell, 30% Linen

Machine wash at 40°C on gentle cycle and tumble dry, or dry clean.