Behind the Scenes of Bobo Choses: A Legend - Kathrine Switzer January 24 2017

“I knew if I quit, nobody would ever believe that women had the capability to run 26-plus miles. If I quit, everybody would say it was a publicity stunt. If I quit, it would set women’s sports back, way back, instead of forward.”

- Kathrine Switzer

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Katherine Switzer was the first woman to run the Boston Marathon, in 1967, in an age where marathons were reserved purely for men because women were supposedly ‘too fragile’. Switzer began the race with only a desire to run her first marathon, but as she ran she knew it had become more significant. After being physically assaulted by a race official and hounded by the press, the race became a way to prove that women were capable and deserving of the right to run. She didn’t quit. Five years later the rules were changed and women were freely allowed to compete.