Behind the Scenes of Bobo Choses: A Legend - 1988 Jamaica Bobsled Team January 21 2017

“We're walking down the stretch feeling rather dejected and one guy reached over and shook my hand. So I shook his hand and after that I had to shake every other hand. Everybody wanted to shake my hand. People started to wave, and cheer, and say 'we love you'. It made us feel a little better.” 

- Devon Harris, team captain

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The 1988 bobsled team were the first from Jamaica to ever compete in the sport, and as a tropical nation competing in a winter sport they were considered significant underdogs. None of them had trained to be athletes, but were recruited from places like the Jamaican army. Using equipment borrowed from other countries, and persevering through injury, the team proudly competed but unfortunately failed to finish when their bobsled crashed. Things don’t always work out first time, but this team showed that sometimes that’s what being a pioneer is all about. Just six years later, at the 1994 Winter Olympics, the team stunned critics by placing 14th above experienced champions; the USA, Russia and France.