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A Venice Beach couple has found home in a 1975 modern box made of simple materials such as concrete, wood and glass, just a short walk from the ocean and the local bespoke shop they own.  Hanna Henderson, John Moor and their family share their shelter for the day.

How does your home reflect who you are?

It’s very much a California boy and desert girl home.  John is very connected to the ocean and I’m influence by my mom, who is a midwife in Arizona.  She always had a great respect for everything natural like plants, sun and fabrics  You can see that in our house

Can you elaborate on your style of decoration?  

You can really feel the difference in things that are handmade or a vintage piece that has lived many lives over the years. There’s love in things that were important to someone, and we have a lot of respect for that. We run a shop called General Store, so we’re lucky to have great relationships with some amazing California craftspeople and artisans. They’re a constant inspiration to us. There’s also a good amount of vintage from local flea markets and the signs of a healthy Etsy obsession.

Do you have any advice for how to approach interior decorating?

Put care into the items you choose to bring into your home, and think about who made them. Rugs and plants are the simplest things you can use to transform a space. And throwing a great textile over a sad chair or table can give you extra years of enjoyment. Don’t decorate to please anyone but yourself: It’s your sanctuary.

How do you prepare when entertaining in your home?

We usually entertain on a last-second basis: We like our guests to come over spontaneously. We keep it very casual, but good food and drinks are necessary! We eat sitting on pillows on the floor with red wine and cartoons playing in the background.

What challenges has your house presented with you?

A small house means there’s nowhere to hide from the kiddos and nowhere for them to hide from the grown-ups. It’s taught us to establish our boundaries and learn to be respectful when people need space, alone time or quiet. The kids get the same respect as the grown-ups. It’s pretty small but well-designed: There’s enough space for everything we need and no space for anything more than that.

How do your children interact with your home?

Very simple: They destroy it and we clean it up!


What will your prevailing memory of this house be?

John bought it about a month before we met and we’ve been here for 12 years now! It’s evolved constantly and matured with us. This is where we started our family. Our kids are growing up here, but John and I grew up here in a sense too. When I moved in, we were kids. A lot of changes happen in a decade of your youth, and all of those changes are wrapped up in this house.

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Written by - Georgia Frances King

Photography - Chris & Sarah Rhoads